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Bassist, Composer, Arranger

Despite his young age Alberto Miranda already boasts a career more than two decades long.  Born in Cuba in 1985, Alberto has paid his musical dues, sharing the stage with such legends as Jose Luis Cortes, Chucho Valdes, Omara Portuondo, Flora Lauten among others. As the bassist for the groundbreaking Cuban supergroup NG La Banda Alberto had the honor of recording the album Cubadisco award winner Mis 22 años.


Since immigrating to the United States in 2011 Alberto has continued to grow and expand his musical vision focusing on the meeting point between acoustic and electronic music within both jazz and Afro Cuban worlds. His new project “EVOLUXION..” does just that, taking the listener on a journey with stops in Havana, New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro and more. EVOLUXION offers a sound pallet filled with Alberto’s soulful bass work and original compositions supported by a cast of NYC’s brightest stars including Keisel Jimenez, Kali Rodriguez, Zack O’farrill, Livio Almeida among others. using cutting edge looping technology, ALBERTO always shines both on original compositions for solo bass as well as providing the low end support with his band.  In its debut album Special Period, EVOLUXION presents two sides of Alberto’s musical psyche : on one hand it encompasses the 90’s in Cuba, when, as a child he lived in a nationwide poverty where the most basic needs became a luxury forcing everyone to be inventive and perseverant in order to survive. Alberto found solace practicing by candle light amidst daily electrical blackouts. On the other hand  Special Period communicates the struggle of an immigrant trying to reinvent himself at the gates of a new world.


A true virtuoso,  Alberto has traveled the world sharing his talents across a wide spectrum of musical genres, bringing a deep sense of musicality and technical mastery to his instrument and his music. As a composer and arranger, Alberto draws from his knowledge of Cuban traditional music as well as explorations into jazz, r&b, soul, Brazilian, and pop music  Throughout all of these styles Alberto’s voice is singular, unique, clear, and beautiful. Already on the vanguard of modern electric bass playing, Alberto’s star is sure to rise.